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Legal translation is the translation of texts within the field of law. As law is a culture-dependent subject field, legal translation is not a simple task. Only professional translators specializing in legal translation should translate legal documents and scholarly writings. The mistranslation of a passage in a contract, for example, could lead to lawsuits and loss of money. Legal translation has many terminological lacunae like disposition, trust, will and litigation etc. It is difficult for a lay man to understand these terms clearly. So, anyone cannot be a legal translator. Apart from that there are some lexical gaps which can only be filled by an experienced legal translator. Textual conventions in the source language are often culture-dependent and may not correspond to conventions in the target culture. Linguistic structures that are often found in the source language have no direct equivalent structures in the target language. The translator therefore has to find target language structures with the same functions as those in the source language.

From court documents to legal contracts, translation services at GeeYesTee, New Delhi are second to none. Many of our legal clients entrust us with translation of important legal documents on a regular basis. GeeYesTee, a legal document translation service you can completely rely on.

The experts at GeeYesTee are specialists in legal translation. This Delhi based company has one of the best legal translators in India who not only understand legal terminology but also have an understanding of the common law and civil law legal systems which are the used throughout the world. We ensure your confidentiality as we deal with your documents with due care. We put forth our best effort by which we can accurately match the translators with the correct legal knowledge and experience to your translation.

The project managers at GeeYesTee ensure that they use the right translator for your legal translation. Our efficient translators not only understand the legal terminologies but also have an understanding of the common law and civil law legal systems which are the used throughout the world.

Our clients are well assured that their confidentiality is very important to us and all documents handled by us are kept under our strict privacy guidelines.

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