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What is Revised Return Filing Overview

Revised return is a return which is filed u/s 139(5) as revision for the original return. It is a revision for any omission or mistake made in the filing of that original return. In order to meet the deadline, a person may forget to disclose some income or may make any other mistake like a mistake in claiming any deduction. Have you made any errors while filing income tax return? Then you might want to e-file a revised return to rectify the error. Geeyestee offers you an easy and quick way to file a revised return using

Process for Revised Return Filing

The procedure for filing of revised return is same as the filing of a normal return. Additional steps are as follows:

Step 1

In the column "Return filed", choose the option of "17 – Revised Return – 139(5)"

Step 2

In the column "Whether original or revised return?", select "Revised"

Step 3

In the column "If under section: 139(5) – revised return:" fill the Original Acknowledgment Number received at the time of filing of original income tax return; and Date of filing of Original Return

Step 4

Now fill rest of the information same as it was under original return after correcting the mistake or omission

Documents Required For Bulk Return Filing

  1. PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  2. Aadhar Number
  3. Form 26AS
  4. Bank Account Details
  5. Challan of any advance tax or self-assessment tax (if paid during the year)
  6. Details of the original return (if filing a revised return)
  7. Process of Revised Return Filing filing

Benefits Of Revised Return Filing

  1. IT Notice Assessment
  2. Revision
  3. Return Process
  4. Visit to IT Department
  5. Regular Updates

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